Mr Nigeria Contest 2014:Day 3 at Camp

Day 3 at the ocean front Chaka resort, Eleko started off with a light morning exercise.
After which the lads got dressed and headed straight to the Silverbird Galleria where the leap Africa team were on hand to conduct a leadership training exercise for the Mr Nigeria 2014 contestants.
The facilitators extensively emphasized on the need for the contestants to posses certain qualities in order to effectively handle issues that may arise during the course of life's adventure.
It was indeed an interactive session which saw the contestants ask questions on everyday issues that they are confronted with.
The team however enjoined the guys to know and analyze their strengths and weaknesses, always be keen on self/skill improvement.

As soon as the session ended, they took a break at Friends club located on the second floor at the Silverbird Galleria  to have a short break.

On getting back to the camp they continued their dance rehearsals. One must add they showed a significant improvement in terms of their coordination and uniformity.

From then on, it was runway rehearsals and an intimidating display of biceps and triceps.