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Mr Nigeria Contest 2014:Day 4 at Camp

It's Day 4 at the ocean front and the contestants are up and ready for their morning drills. Adding to their morning routine, the camp instructor brought in a Kick boxer to put the guys through the rudiments of Kick boxing. After the tutorials, the contestants were put to a challenge by 14 year old Kazeem Najeeb . What was the challenge? Climbing a coconut tree and plucking its fruit... "With bare hands". Sounds interesting right? Then, check this out. After which they headed to the Magbon Alade beach famous for fishing activities by locals and Ghanians. There the lads engaged in sporting activities like handball,...Read More>>

Mr Nigeria Contest 2014:Day 3 at Camp

Day 3 at the ocean front Chaka resort, Eleko started off with a light morning exercise. After which the lads got dressed and headed straight to the Silverbird Galleria where the leap Africa team were on hand to conduct a leadership training exercise for the Mr Nigeria 2014 contestants. The facilitators extensively emphasized on the need for the contestants to posses certain qualities in order to effectively handle issues that may arise during the course of life's adventure. It was indeed an interactive session which saw the contestants ask questions on everyday issues that they are confronted with. The team however...Read More>>

Mr Nigeria Contest 2014:Day 2 at Camp

Day 2 started off more like a rude awakening. The groggy contestants were ordered out of bed by their camp instructor and off they were for their early morning exercise. The time was about 6:00am They started out by jogging which was actually meant to ensure that they were fully awake and ready for the day's task. After jogging the contestants headed off to the beach sand to race each other in somewhat a 100m dash competition. After the racing event, the Taekwondo instructor was on hand to commence their Taekwondo lessons. They all donned their white apparel ready to fight their way to the grand prize of 1 million naira, a car...Read More>>

Mr Nigeria 2014: Dance Rehearsal [Pictures]

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Mr Nigeria 2014: Day 1 at Camp

After undergoing a rigorous screening exercise on the 21st of April 2014.   20 Mr Nigeria 2014 contestants set out for camp today. The take off point was the Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos.   (Mr Nigeria 2014 Contestants line-up to board the bus)   The venue for this year's camp is the exotic Chaka Resort located at the Elekan beach side. Upon their arrival, the contestants were warmly received by the officials and staff at the resort.   (The contestants take turns to check into their respective rooms)   As soon as the contestants were settled, the...Read More>>

Mr Nigeria 2014: Meet The 20 Contestants Vying For The Top Spot

The organisers of the Mr Nigeria contest, Silverbird Productions chose the young men who will be vying for the 2014 edition today, 10th April in preparation forthe camp which be held in Lagos to prepare them for the competition. The screening saw a bevy of contestants who came in large numbers to be chosen to go to camp and get the chance to be the Mr Nigeria 2014.  Part of the Judges for the screening was Former Mr Nigeria, Kenneth Okoli, Bryan Okwara, Melvin Oduah and MBGN 2013,Anna Ebiere Banner. These contestants  competing this year will make comprise the 2014 Mr Nigeria contest a television event. The winner of the...Read More>>

Registration Begins For The Mr Nigeria 2014 Contest

Stand a chance to win 1 million naira, a brand new car & an amazing trip  to London to compete for the Mr World by competing in the Mr Nigeria contest. When you wear the official title, you get a one year contract with an international modelling agency. The Mr Nigeria platform will open doors to tons of career paths you are going to want to walk through.  Entering an all rounded contest like the Mr Nigeria teaches young men very important life skills and confidence is a bonus. The ability to get up in front of an audience will help a shy and quiet person to develop confidence and carry themselves with pride. Many people...Read More>>